Cedar Decks Vancouver - All Hands On Deck

Why Cedar?

Cedar decking has an amazing scent and texture with warm color tones and is the ideal choice for those who favor the look and feel of genuine, natural wood. With cedar decking, you will obtain beauty at a moderate cost. Cedar has a natural resistance to moisture, mold and insects. A well built and maintained cedar deck should last you between 15 and 20 years. The slight downside is that cedar tends to require some maintenance if exposed to the elements. We recommend resealing an uncovered deck every two to three years; this will extend its lifespan and help the wood maintain its colour. Covered cedar decks require very little maintenance with a light re-sealing every 5-6 years. Cedar comes in several grades, the most common being Knotty and Clear. Clear Cedar has very few knots and blemishes and is considered prime choice, but it is also a more expensive option. Knotty Cedar, also referred to as Tight Knot Cedar, is a lower cost alternative to Clear Cedar, and the more popular option. This grade of Cedar has knots and grain variations.