All Hands On Deck - Flexstone Decks Vancouver

Why Flexstone?

Flexstone is an alternative to vinyl and fibreglass. We’ve been using it for about 2 years and its popularity is growing by the month. It is extremely durable, and in fact, we have coated the floor of our tool trailers in the product for that reason. It provides a 100% seal over a plywood deck. There are NO seams, no glued on pieces, and it is 100% waterproofed for LIFE.  This makes a Polyurethane Membrane deck your best option on the rainy West Coast where waterproofing is the #1 priority. If ever damaged, which is highly unlikely, it is easily repairable. Unlike most other decking materials, you can pressure wash this product under 3600 PSI with no worries of damaging it. Very easy maintenance, it looks fantastic and our customers rave about it.